Hackney House takes off

Representing the diversity and burgeoning creativity of the borough, we’ve been invited to curate a series of shows at the Temple of East-ness that is Hackney House.  Built as a showcase for all that Hackney has to offer during the Olympics, our six nights join an impressive roster of music, comedy, fashion, food, tech and cultural curiosities on offer throughout the Games period.


Tuesday 31st July: STEVIE NEALE

Fresh from the BBC Introducing Stage at the Hackney Weekend, rising star Stevie Neale brings cutting-edge RnB-tinged beats to her Hackney home turf.

Wednesday 1st August: CLOCK OPERA

Fresh from the release of their debut album earlier this year, electro-indie act Clock Opera are the masters of stirring soundscapes and driving rhythmns.

Monday 6th August: LAND SHAPES

A cacophony of harmonies and rousing melodies, Land Shapes offer mystic multi-layered folk – a wall of interwoven sounds and abstract beats.

Wednesday 8th August: SLOW CLUB

Renowned for their use of unusual objects as instruments, Slow Club’s music is like an epic folk call-to-arms with their soaring, emotive vocals and innovative percussive beats.

Saturday 11th August: JAMES YUILL

Once described as ‘a one-man band armed with a laptop, mixing decks and an acoustic guitar’ James Yuill delivers rapturously atmospheric, folktronic melodies with an edge.

Sunday 12th August: LITTLE BOOTS

The darling of electropop, Little Boots’ music pulses through the air, a heady waterfall of synth-pop overtones and insistent basslines. Storming HH for the closing ceremony, we suspect there won’t be a still foot in the House.


Nights may be by invitation only, to find out more visit the official site


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