What The Björk?!

This past month Red Bull Music Academy have been spinning their programming wizardry across the pond with a city wide celebration at RBMA NYC. It’s had highlights aplenty with a programme focused on all that’s made New York City the unique musical hub it is. So far it’s seen the premier of FKA Twigs electric Congregata show, a rare sit down with Parliament-Funkadelic legend George Clinton, and the biggest edition ever held of New York’s now iconic GHE2OGOTH1K party. In amongst all the dazzling scheduling, there was an unexpected guest at the Tri Angle Records 5th Birthday bash just over a week ago. Snuck into the billing along with members of the label’s roster like Evian Christ and Forest Swords, was an 11 pm set from an unknown woman. Hmmm. The unidentified DJ spun an eclectic, hour long set spanning a world of genres and sounds, and took the chance to let loose and dance like a wild thing before dissolving back into the crowd to enjoy the rest of the event. So who was this anonymous selector? Who could Tri Angle have possibly procured to celebrate their half decade in style. Well none other than enigmatic Icelander and musical icon Björk! She had this to say about her appearance at the event:

“i would like to wish tri angle label an incredibly sublime birthday and thank for having been invited to dj at their party. couldnt possibly been more honoured than to play in that company !!! the mix i played was my present to them : merging together some of my fav beats last year with some of my fav vocalists doing some of their best songs :

!!! this is my tune-tinder !!!

warmthnesss björk.”

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