We Love Hackney

If you’re a resident of Hackney borough you won’t have been able to escape all the recent negative press surrounding the area’s nightlife. Even if you’re NOT local it’s likely you’ve heard about the very real threat looming over one of London’s most exciting areas, because it’s also likely that you spend some of your well earned down time tripping down these very streets.

Hackney Council have put forward a proposal that would take closing times for pretty much any social space you’d care to mention back to their 1980s levels. Across the entire borough pubs, bars, clubs and more would be required to close by 11pm Sunday to Thursday and by midnight Friday to Saturday. There’s even detail that would outlaw the offering of licenses to any new applicants in the Shoreditch area, widely known for its vibrant scene and excellent, ranging venues. There are plenty more gory details, and we urge you to visit the newly launched website for the campaign against these extreme and imbalanced new proposals to find out more. As one of the many creative agencies that thrive on the area’s vital night time scene, WE LOVE HACKNEY, and hope you’ll do everything you can to say the same. Use the hashtag #NotConsideredAppropriate to join the conversation on social media.

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