Credit to the Edit

With Native Instruments and Boiler Room gearing up for their ‘Credit To The Edit’ talk at the London ICA on Sunday, Boiler Room have released a piece penned by panelist Greg Wilson. ‘From Segues To Stems’, which you can read HERE, tracks the metamorphosis of the edit, from George Martin’s innovative work with the four-track and a certain four-piece, via the development of mixing in disco, electro-funk and hip hop, right up to recent advancements with rhythm games and Native Instruments’ new Stems format. One of the DJing world’s most erudite figures, Wilson’s piece traces a fascinating narrative, which will surely see further illumination, along with a look at the future, during Sunday’s talk. Greg Wilson will be joined at 6pm on Sunday¬†15th November by New York legend Francois K and Radio 1’s Benji B, along with a performance from¬†Sarah Farina, so if you’re interested in witnessing this unique event, make sure to RSVP HERE.

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