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For the last couple of months we’ve been playing music curator for our studio network, with the Eat Work Art Music Monthly playlist. December’s rolled around and we, like everyone else, have been unable to resist the pull of the festive season for this month’s instalment (Spotify player included below). If you rummage amongst the selection of recents, classics, and a few deeper cuts, you’ll find signees to Hackney Downs’ Moshi Moshi Records, Summer Camp, our favourite versions of some Xmas standards, and the obligatory ‘Fairytale Of New York’ (with a nod to our recently launched New York Music Map).

Drawing further on our studios’ talented residents, we cast about the network every month to source the playlist’s artwork. This month Sandra Dieckmann of Studio Mama Wolf at Hackney Downs has contributed her piece, ‘The Unsleeping Dream’. We caught up with her for a chat about her work and the impending holiday season.

What was the inspiration behind this month’s EWA Music Monthly artwork, your piece ‘The Unsleeping Dream’?

Many sad, sleepless nights after finding out my partner of more than five years and my best friend had been at it for a long time. It was a big shock and I think losing both my relationship and closest friend just left me feeling disoriented and in disbelief. I didn’t sleep well and just felt like I was in this in-between world. The image came out of that. It’s about finding calm and laying down to recharge during a long night. The gate in the background was for me the future and somehow hopeful for what was to come after. I think it’s a nice image to put up now as we are so close to a new year and I’m sure many people are full of new years resolutions and hope for changes.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen one of your designs put to?

I love them all. Skis, scarves and sandcastles (the last is a joke of course). It’s just so different every time. I’m aiming for some hardbound books next year!

You have some lovely cards in the shop right now.  How many Christmas cards are you looking to send this year?

I don’t usually send cards out at all apart from all the ones I send to customers, but this year is different and I have made a Christmas list with clients, publishers and friends. If I get the time to get through it all they will get a handwritten card. I’m being very optimistic with time there, but I just really wanted to slow down a little this year and I think that’s part of it, getting away from the digital world and the stress, and celebrating all the relationships you have.

Where will you be spending Xmas?

In Germany where I was born. Probably slurping mulled wine at the Christmas market or curled up on the sofa rather than at an ‘illegal rave’, as my brother warns he will be!

What was the best Xmas present you ever received?

The times I spend with friends and family eating, singing and laughing.

What’s your ultimate Christmas song?

Hard one. Is there ever an ultimate anything? I would like to say The Fall, Beach Boys, but it could easily be East 17 or the Pogues, Mariah Carey or Wham for all the times they have been played. BUT, I’m gonna go for Slade with ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. Yes. Merry Christmas!

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