Amare l’Italia

The House of Peroni launches this evening, ushering the Mediterranean summer vibes to its canal side location in Haggerston for a six week series. Pitching up in Proud East, the month and a half long celebration will be ‘Amare l’Italia’ (For the Love of Italy) – as one might expect! Peroni have invited three influential Italian masters to oversee key pillars of the Italian experience: Master of Style and fashion heiress Margherita Missoni, their Master of Taste, celebrated Calabrian chef Francesco Mazzei, and noted Master of Mixology Simone Caporale.

On top of all the food, drink, and relentless style, the series will also feature a curated music programme drawing onĀ Il bel paese‘s musical legacy of cosmic Balearica, with DJs performing on Friday and Saturday nights. Tonight’s one off launch will see dynamic house duo Discodromo, aka messrs Giovanni and Giacomo, serving up an aperitif of choice cuts, before former Cosmic club don Daniele Baldelli lays the basis of the genre he created bare for the remainder of the evening.

Other artists performing in the series include Bill Brewster, Severino, Toby Tobias, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Felix Dickinson, Jonny Nash, and more! Listings HERE.

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