Gigi Masin for House Of Peroni

With The House Of Peroni residency in full swing, it’s time we took a quick look at the man who, when world class DJs aren’t spinning cosmic rarities live every Friday and Saturday, has curated the House playlist with his inimitable Venetian flare.

Ambient pioneer Gigi Masin has been a musician, composer and producer since the ’70s, although it wasn’t till recently that his spellbinding creations were given a wider platform. Following one of his tracks being sampled by Björk, his debut LP, Wind, was reissued, and a retrospective of his work entitled Talk To The Sea was released on Dutch label Music From Memory. He also teamed up with guitar virtuoso Jonny Nash and Dutch producer Young Marco to form Gaussian Curve, who dropped their critically acclaimed album Clouds in 2015. The House Of Peroni caught up with him for a quick chat, an extract of which is below. Click HERE for the full feature.


What was growing up in Venice like? Did the city have an impact on your decision to pursue music?

Venice is unique. There’s a kind of ‘mood’ growing up near the waters, the boats, old palaces… What’s special in Venice is the silence, the calm of a sunny afternoon or a foggy day in winter, when everything disappears around you. Venice is also a language, a feeling – if you’re pursuing your fantasy or your talent Venice will flow deep into your project and make it better.

What were the other defining influences on your music?

The theatre: working with friends on dramas, making music for some ballets. Slowly I discovered the pleasure and the need to create my own music with my own vision.

Do you have any essential recommendations (musical or otherwise) in Italy?

There are many fine musicians and great artists to discover: Tempelhof, Luciano Lamanna, Elia Perrone and Kar to name a few. And please, try to discover the hidden treasures of my country, lose yourself away from the tourist traps.

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