Trump Cushion

What do you do with a politician like Donald Trump – known for both an inflated sense of self and for spouting a lot of hot air? Put his face on a whoopee cushion of course.

That’s just what the Trump Cushion, launching today – 4th July 2016 – has done, with 100% of the proceeds from sales going to three charities Donald Trump has been outspoken against -Greenpeace, International Medical Corps, and Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament.

Conceived by a collective of London-based creatives, and designed by cult illustrator/author of the lauded “Hate Mail” series Mr. Bingo, the Trump Cushion is available to buy for just £5 from

There’ll be a launch event this evening from 7pm at KK Outlet in Hoxton Square, so stop by if you a) disagree with Trump’s politics, b) support any of the three listed charities, and c) appreciate a good practical joke. Mr. Bingo will be in attendance doing some signing, along with the whole team behind the project.



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