Sonic Sketches

Leading music production manufacturer Native Instruments challenged 24 cutting edge producers to create their own sonic “Sketches” armed with only one tool, the latest version of their world-beating studio package: Komplete 11.

The sketches span a spectrum of genres, from rave explorations courtesy of Angel Ho, to a dystopian break beat arrangement from Om Unit.  Elsewhere, NON Records’ Nkisi creates a Calypso house workout, whilst Mumdance travels through a soundscape journey.

All broadly falling under the electronic umbrella, artists were selected not on their work within any specific genre, but rather a shared commitment to unconventional sound design, and a blurring of musical boundaries with labels such as Tri Angle, PAN, NON, Planet Mu and STAYCORE all represented.

Each contribution is accompanied by generative visuals from award-winning multi disciplinary artist Rainer Kohlberger,  confronting viewers with morphing, digitally animated arrangements, achieved through the use of vivid colour fields and free-flowing patterns.

 Check out the playlist of sketches here

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