On Identity

This week, we joined Native Instruments for the latest edition of their thought- provoking ‘Native Sessions’ series, taking place at local favourite, The Pickle Factory.  The theme, ‘New Identities’, asked some of today’s electronic music protagonists their point of view on establishing an identity with, and through, their work.

Hosted by CDR’s Tony Nwachukwu, the first part of the evening examined the state of sound design and artistic identity in 2016 and beyond, with a panel including The Fader’s Aimee Cliff, Butterz label boss and DJ, Elijah, and Ansel Neckles from Let’s Be Brief.  Exploring what identity actually means in music in 2016, and the focus on all things ‘authentic’, the conversation referenced artists such as Solange and Kendrick Lemar as examples who have found their own stance in  a time of imposed identity.

Truants’ Tayyb Amin sat down on the couch with deep house producer Eliphino and NON Records’ Nkisi for an in-depth chat on identity in music and the difficulties that come with changing direction in sound.  Elsewhere, Radar Radio’s host and ATL Radio founder CassKidd gave a demonstration on the versatility of Native Instruments’ Maschine Jam and how he uses it in his productions.

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