KC Talks To: Moscoman

One of our favourite DJs and producers, we sit down with Tel Aviv-native Moscoman for a quick chat amidst his hectic touring schedule. The rising artist has been turning heads with his unique ear for bringing the sound of the Middle East to the dance floors of today, via his Disco Halal imprint.

Hey Mosco, we’re looking back over our festival season, this one looked like a busy one for you?

Yeah it was the busiest yet, but I’m still young! So many highlights this year, good friends, amazing music, can’t wait for next year already.

You made your return to our Glastonbury home-from-home the Beat Hotel in June – how did the experience differ this year, and is there a moment that stands out from the weekend?

I think the moment I remember most apart from the amazing b2b with DJ Tennis is the fact I had to leave straight after the set, I was gutted! Glastonbury as a place, not even as a festival, is such a magical place, the only party I never want to leave. Another highlight was the gourmet dinner we had in the middle of nowhere – the chef from Salon is really cool and the food was really, really good.

What advice would you offer any fellow Berlin DJs playing Glastonbury for the first time?

Don’t be a princess and make sure you come to enjoy it, whether it’s playing in the mud or burning in the sun. Don’t bother coming in and out, keep the space open for people that want to stay [for the weekend].

And how was it playing b2b with DJ Tennis. What makes a good DJ sparring partner?

My relationship with Manfredi goes beyond DJing, we are good friends are super connected. Playing with him is really fun for me and he’s one of the only partners I want to play with because we don’t even speak, we’ve each got our side and we just let the music talk. I think that’s the key for me, I hope we’ll play more together, if not there’s always Beat Hotel.

When was the last most memorable festival you went to that wasn’t tied to a gig? 

I don’t remember going to festivals before playing them. It was never in my reach. I first started to experience festivals when I moved to Berlin. I even think that the first Glasto [at the Beat Hotel] was my first festival I went to, and stayed.

If Monday is the DJ’s Sunday, what does your ideal post-festival Monday look like?

A lot of comfort food and Netflix, but that’s for every Sunday. Post-Glasto I crank it up with some emotional flicks, maybe High Fidelity and stuff like that, and basically try to cry it out.

If you weren’t booked to play, what would a festival need to have to get Moscoman there as a ticket-buying punter?

Ha, I’m sure my agent is on top of it, there are some festivals I would really want to play and i’m sure i’ll get to play there at some point.

And looking beyond festivals, what’s coming up over the next few months for you and the label?

There’s so many amazing spots to play, I’m going to Asia for the first time, I’m going back to Brazil, I’m going to spend a lot of time States side… I’ll hopefully get fit again for the next festival season.

Moscoman joins DJ Tennis once more this Friday 17th November at Village Underground. Tickets are available here.

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