Creativity and Collaboration with PEOPLE

When was the last time you came across something completely original? A new band or song or piece of art? Rare is it that one can find new in our ever-expanding cultural landscape. This is why PEOPLE turned our heads so dramatically.

Founded by The National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner, Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) and the couple behind Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel, PEOPLE is a new breed of festival. Built around foundations which favour the creative process and collaboration above a traditional ‘gig’, PEOPLE sees 150 artists come together this August in Berlin (without a fee) to explore the possibilities of a new way of working.

A week-long residency taking place across the city (including the Michelberger hotel) where artists can form new material and dissolve borders, PEOPLE closes at the impressive Funkhaus with two days of public performances.

Here at Kingdom Collective we’re excited to play a part in their latest event which features names such as Sigur Rós, The Staves, Woodkid, Damien Rice and more. For further information head to their digital platform at

“In a music world in which the imperative is monetise, monetise, monetise, People is the exact opposite” The Guardian.

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