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  Recent times have seen an unavoidable pressure of change for women across the world. Conversations that were never had, words which were never spoken are finding their way into the discourse of different industries, genders and more via the help of social media. The outing of Harvey Weinstein subtly started what became an avalanche of action. Though it may have begun in film, the expectations and acceptations of the music industry are now being examined. There's a long road ahead, but it's been truly incredible to feel the progress in a territory we love and work within. 

Over the last few months, we've had the pleasure of teaming up with a series of powerful women in music who have inspired us to shout louder than we have before. The fast-rising and fearless IAMDDB, for example, who played an unmissable set at Red Bull Music Academy's Paths Unknown series at the end of last year. The Internet's Syd also headlined - an artist whose sincerity and subtle strength as a solo vocalist shone through.

Riding the wave of this change, there's never been more of a need for actions such as the Keychange initiative, founded by the PRS Foundation, which has seen forty-five international festivals (including the Proms) pledge a 50/50 gender split in their line-ups by 2022 or Festival Republic’s ReBalance programme. Serving as a great platform for women, they're set to provide one week's studio recording time to a core female band, female musician or female solo artist each month in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Closer to home, Red Bull Studios London hosts Normal Not Novelty a monthly event with an end goal of increasing the number of women behind the desks of recording studios

Times are changing, then, and we can't wait to see what Spring will bring...
  2017 Moscoman played the beat hotel kcThinks

[Photo: Gala Festival, 2017]

  Since the beginning of time (when man-went-to-rave), promoters have boasted a territorial nature, from the artists they book to the clubs they take over. When these promoters spilled over into the festival market, never more so had the war paint been applied. With every year comes new events and, with the number of spaces (especially in London), festival-goers and talent remaining largely the same, the competition is fiercer than ever.

The arrival of All Points East, and the announcement they'd be the sole festival taking place in East London's Victoria Park, marked a huge turning point for the capital's scene. With Victoria Park out of action for the rest, a scrum ensued for South London territories such as Brockwell Park (a fight which saw Lovebox now choosing W3's Gunnersbury Park as home)

With the exception of a handful of weighty headliners, line-ups are growing increasingly similar - a catalyst, if there ever was one, to push promoters to think outside of the model.
  " Line-ups, now, are no longer enough. Festivals need a clear identity, concept, point of view or cause. "  
  The well-documented demand from punters for better and more meaningful experiences, has prompted festival owners to step away from an old guard approach and into something fresh-looking, progressively-programmed and creatively-conceived else face losing it all. 

Though promoters may be feeling the pressure to deliver, the punters hold the power. Never before have they had as much choice and diversity in festival offerings. Some of our favourites? The introduction of The Barn at Field Day last year - a gigantic hangar-like construction - proved they weren't cutting corners with production.  Junction 2 meanwhile, instead of competing for an already-used space, took the bold choice to move out of the pit to a motorway rave hideaway; a choice which would appear to have paid off, as they return for their third year. Elsewhere, Gala festival, an event we’re working on this year, look to put equal emphasis on the food and drink experience as on the music line-up, challenging the festival blueprint and bringing it into line with the foodie revolution we’ve seen sweep London over recent years.

For brands, too, this need for innovation and standout (on the part of festivals), along with an appetite for new and enriching experiences (from punters) represents an exciting time. Can promoters and brands move the conversation along at the same pace as change elsewhere to create successful, progressive partnerships?  For those that dare, the rewards are certainly there.
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  Jack Daniel's Homecoming Tour with Peace Thursday 5th April

Indie-quartet Peace play Birmingham as part of Jack Daniel’s Homecoming tour. An initiative alongside the Music Venue Trust, Circa Waves and Band of Skulls each headline their own intimate gig.

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  Red Bull Music - IAMDDB Flightmode Live Thursday 19th April

The fast-rising and fearless vocalist has just announced four uniquely themed shows. The final event lands at Koko entitled Heaven & Hell with a dress code to match.

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  Gala Festival Sunday 27th May

South London's festival of independent music, food and drink returns for their next chapter where they’ll christen their brand new home of Peckham Rye Park.

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